Saturday, July 31, 2010

We're Back!

Thank God. Vegas is as bad as ever; I still don't like that city and really have no plans to go back in the future. My husband and I both agreed that if our son was even a little older we could never bring him there. I have seen a lot in my days and Vegas can still shock me and make my heart sink with the deep rooted sin and objectification of women. Some of the most notable signs that show one just how bad this city is:

A sign that said, "Surrender" with the S shaped like a snake with an apple in it.
A sign that read, "Seven deadly sins? We demand a recount."
And my absolute favorite, a sign for "Tao Nightclub" that read, "Worship Thursdays. The way the Vegas Industry Prays" with a picture of a half naked woman on it.

I realize as I write these that many people write them off as, "Oh it's just Vegas. That's just the 'culture' there". And to be completely honest, in the few days I was there, I became numb to it as well. The naked women and awful signs became 'normal' and just a part of my daily life there. The sickening affect they had on me the first day quickly left, and the wight on my conscious for even looking at the massive signs was severely lessoned. How sad. How quickly we can become accustomed and comfortable with sin when it surrounds us. But doesn't it surround us everyday? Granted, not as "in your face" as it is in Vegas, but really it's everywhere. And maybe I have become numb to it. Numb and used to the sex scenes in movies, to the homosexual relationships in almost every television show, to the tons of people I know who live a lifestyle of sin, and worst of all to my own sins of selfishness, pride and sloth. The sad and sometimes scary thing is that although I may be used to these sins, although they are normal to me, they are not to God. They are as shocking and as displeasing to Christ as they were at the beginning of time. My life and my sins are probably just a mini-Vegas to Him.

All of this has come down to one simple resolution: to beg Our Lord for a more sensitive conscious. One that is shocked and displeased with the slightest of sins and one that is being constantly formed into something that is pleasing to Him.


  1. I couldn't agree more Andrea! I can't imagine taking Maddie and Garrett to Vegas. I have a hard time everyday trying to shelter me kids. Most people think I am extreme in the restrictions I place on my kids. But, I think this world has become numb to sin in general! I thought this exact thing last night while watch ABC Family. The commercials alone send so many wrong messages to kids. If you ask me; not a single one was family friendly! I feel like as a Mother ( of a daughter especially) I fight the enemy daily! I refuse to let him fill her mind with world views and impossible standards!

  2. Dear anney, thats just place & when you can adjust with climate than dont go with children becoz they need care & love. take care

  3. Melanie, I agree it's so hard to shelter your kids, which is part of the reason I want to homeschool. Not so they are in the dark about everything, but so I have control over what, where and when they learn and see certain things. We also got a chance to watch some TV (we don't have any channels on our TV) while we were away, and it also disturbed me so much. Things that played on the "Family" channels were outrageous. I guess I struggle a little more with being the mother of a son, because I feel that pornography is EVERYWHERE and I struggle with how and when to explain this to my son and to protect him from it. I just pray everyday for the grace to keep my children's innocence in the world today!

  4. You are right. Sin is all over the place. Vegas just happens to make money from it. The advertisements I have seen sometimes make the hair on my neck prickle up! Raising a family here will not be easy. But like you, I also plan to homeschool and do not have a tv. Sin is everywhere, and so is temptation. In some ways I actually feel fortunate that it is so obvious here, because I am so reminded of sin that I am always praying, always resisting sin, going to confession very frequently, and always trying to get ever closer to the Lord.

    I like your observation that all sin is shocking and displeasing to the Lord, even if it is not immediately obvious to others.

  5. BTW I am going to start a new blog called The Mantilla Diaries... - I should have a couple of posts up by next week. I would be honored if you would come by and become a follower. :)