Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sin City

My husband, kids and I are going to Las Vegas next week. My husband has a business trip that I decided to tag along on. While most people these days would be thrilled to go to Vegas, I am not so much. Although I am excited to show Peanut the water display at the Bellagio and the animals at Circus Circus, I cannot help but thinking how much this city must displease our Lord. This is a city where men and women gather to drink in excessive amounts and spend imprudent amounts of money on gambling. This is a city where women sell their bodies, legally might I add, for a cheap price and men sell their souls to their lustful sins. In all honesty it makes me physically sick to think of the souls lost in this place and all the evil that goes on there. There is a big reason they call it sin city. I feel as if I am entering some sort of spiritual warfare, not going on vacation. Why do people, Christians in particular, find this place so alluring? Aren't we supposed to stay away from temptations?

Our Lord, as always, is taking care of me through this vacation. Firstly, my in laws have decided to join us which keeps me from having to stay in a hotel by myself all day. Secondly, our Lord has blessed my family with the means to be able to go to this place together. I for one don't want my husband walking around a city that routinely shoves pictures of naked women in your hands. I assure you my husband is a very noble and chaste man, but I don't care how virtuous a man might be, Las Vegas is not the place to go alone. I'm taking my rosary and holy water and plan on dousing the place with it. Maybe it will just melt away...

So, my friends, please pray that my family and I will have an enjoyable time on this vacation next week. More importantly, please pray that we may all stay far away from anything displeasing to our Lord.  


  1. Lol, melt away! If only!

    I agree about Vegas, when Tim and I went I was even a little sad we were giving to the economy, but maybe more money towards the more family-friendly activities will cause a shift in the culture. I think you'll have a good time, you can see it through the innocent eyes of Peanut, who I bet will really love the Bellagio garden and the Venetian shopping center if nothing else!

  2. Hi, I am a Catholic living and raising a family in Las Vegas. You are right, there is a whole lot of evil here. But there are also good people here. Remember, that even on the Strip amongst temptation, it is possible through the grace of our Lord to resist and make good choices. We are assaulted with sinful images, and sin is what is sold here. BUT - not everyone here is sinful. Its a good idea to come as a family, and especially to bring your holy water and blessed salt if you have it. Just stick to the classier hotels and try not to walk the Strip (its hot anyway, so you may not want to walk in that). Take a taxi when possible, especially with kids.

    Oh, and side note - prostitution isnt legal within the city of Las Vegas. But it can be commonly found for free in the night clubs. Yuck.

    Email me if you are interested in any other kid friendly stuff - andrealeal00 at yahoo dot com, or visit my blog :)

    You can go to Mass at the Shrine which is pretty much right off the Strip. Safe travels!