Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Out My Window

In Oklahoma my kitchen window looked out to a beautiful lush green area at the top of which was a running trail. Whenever I did the dishes I would watch people as they walked (or ran) by, stealing the little free time they had for exercise. It was inspiring and enjoyable. I always assumed that when we moved to New Mexico I would have to give up my nice view and be content looking into someone else's front yard. Little did I know about the park.

Out my kitchen window is a very large green park. It is really a treat to look at when no one is there and I much prefer it to looking straight at someone else's house. I spend an exorbitant amount of time at the kitchen sink and, while people at the park do sometimes exercise, you really wouldn't believe what else I have seen out that window. During the fall, I watch as teenage boys play psycho football (my name for Rugby) and the spring is usually filled with early football practices for the coming year. On Saturdays there is always the martial arts masters along with several women who enjoy studying under the tree. But more often than not, my kitchen window becomes massively entertaining as we watch and laugh at the crazy things people do at the park. A few months ago I saw a high school kid stop at the park and practice, what looked like, some form of martial arts. Some form he made up himself that is. My sister and I watched for a good thirty minutes, almost peeing our pants. The whole ordeal came to a climax when the young man dramatically swung his arms in a full circle ending them in front of his body and flipping off the world. After that, he picked up his bag and went on his merry way.

Then there is the 10 o'clock sweep. Oh the sweep...Every night at 10 o'clock a police car comes and clears the park. A few times a month we hear him come over his loud speaker and speak some mumble jumble we can't understand. At this point my husband usually flies off the couch and opens our front door to see a teenagers (or oddly enough sometimes an adult) sheepishly get out of one car and into another (often times buttoning their pants on the way) and leave the park.

It amazes me how many people think they are in total privacy  at the park. Just last week there was a couple who literally made me blush by what they were doing underneath a large tree. When things got too hot and heavy they decided to try and hide behind an even larger tree. I could still see them. Clear as day. At this point I closed my blinds and worked in a semi-dark kitchen. It was just too embarrassing, and I wasn't even the one under the tree!

A few days ago we were driving home from church and I saw out of the corner of my eye three adults sitting and chatting at the park. They looked like they were all wearing the same color of pants which I thought was odd, but I only had a glance. Then Max says, "Hey! Did you just see those three adults sitting in a kiddie pool at the park!??!" Sure enough...three adults in a very small kiddie pool at the park. I could go on and on about the things out my window. From the random hot air balloon practices to the annual "spray elementary kids down with the firetruck day" there is always something interesting to see out my window. Maybe I will make it a regular on this blog. But for now, next time you go to a park, know that if there are houses around people might be home and may be able to see whatever it is you are doing.