Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You Know Your Kid Is Catholic When

I recently bought Peanut a toilet training potty. Not necessarily because he is ready to be trained, but just to get him used to the idea of sitting on the potty. Brilliant me decided to actually put him on the potty and see if he would go (secretly wishing I had some prodigy child who would magically train himself after one use). After about 5 minutes of waiting for him to go, I decided to let some warm water flow on his legs to stimulate him to go. I took a cup of water and let it flow on his thigh into the training potty and waited. Peanut, with a curious look on his face, looks at the water, then at me, then at the water again. I could tell his brain was working. He then reached between his tiny legs into the water and brought his hand up to make a very reverent Sign of the Cross. I guess you know your kid is Catholic when he thinks his training potty is a holy water font. Maybe he is further away from understanding the whole potty training concept than I thought.


  1. Love it!

    I had one son that was potty training when he was around 18 months old. But, I went back to work for a while and the day care center thought I was making it all up. So, he ended up not training until he was almost 3. All that said...it's possible to have a boy train early. But, I've found they tend to play more at that age.

  2. Wait, Wait!

    Is *THAT* what is in the fonts at Church?!

  3. he might be far from potty training but hes i definitely close to the lord! You guys are raising him well, i might only be 13 but i can tell when someone is on the right path! He will potty train when he is ready. I didn't start talking until I was over 2 years old and im at the top of my class in school. I don't care what studies say about early development nature will take is course and every thing will work out in the end and happen how its supposed to be.
    -Marie Lubitz