Saturday, July 31, 2010

We're Back!

Thank God. Vegas is as bad as ever; I still don't like that city and really have no plans to go back in the future. My husband and I both agreed that if our son was even a little older we could never bring him there. I have seen a lot in my days and Vegas can still shock me and make my heart sink with the deep rooted sin and objectification of women. Some of the most notable signs that show one just how bad this city is:

A sign that said, "Surrender" with the S shaped like a snake with an apple in it.
A sign that read, "Seven deadly sins? We demand a recount."
And my absolute favorite, a sign for "Tao Nightclub" that read, "Worship Thursdays. The way the Vegas Industry Prays" with a picture of a half naked woman on it.

I realize as I write these that many people write them off as, "Oh it's just Vegas. That's just the 'culture' there". And to be completely honest, in the few days I was there, I became numb to it as well. The naked women and awful signs became 'normal' and just a part of my daily life there. The sickening affect they had on me the first day quickly left, and the wight on my conscious for even looking at the massive signs was severely lessoned. How sad. How quickly we can become accustomed and comfortable with sin when it surrounds us. But doesn't it surround us everyday? Granted, not as "in your face" as it is in Vegas, but really it's everywhere. And maybe I have become numb to it. Numb and used to the sex scenes in movies, to the homosexual relationships in almost every television show, to the tons of people I know who live a lifestyle of sin, and worst of all to my own sins of selfishness, pride and sloth. The sad and sometimes scary thing is that although I may be used to these sins, although they are normal to me, they are not to God. They are as shocking and as displeasing to Christ as they were at the beginning of time. My life and my sins are probably just a mini-Vegas to Him.

All of this has come down to one simple resolution: to beg Our Lord for a more sensitive conscious. One that is shocked and displeased with the slightest of sins and one that is being constantly formed into something that is pleasing to Him.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sin City

My husband, kids and I are going to Las Vegas next week. My husband has a business trip that I decided to tag along on. While most people these days would be thrilled to go to Vegas, I am not so much. Although I am excited to show Peanut the water display at the Bellagio and the animals at Circus Circus, I cannot help but thinking how much this city must displease our Lord. This is a city where men and women gather to drink in excessive amounts and spend imprudent amounts of money on gambling. This is a city where women sell their bodies, legally might I add, for a cheap price and men sell their souls to their lustful sins. In all honesty it makes me physically sick to think of the souls lost in this place and all the evil that goes on there. There is a big reason they call it sin city. I feel as if I am entering some sort of spiritual warfare, not going on vacation. Why do people, Christians in particular, find this place so alluring? Aren't we supposed to stay away from temptations?

Our Lord, as always, is taking care of me through this vacation. Firstly, my in laws have decided to join us which keeps me from having to stay in a hotel by myself all day. Secondly, our Lord has blessed my family with the means to be able to go to this place together. I for one don't want my husband walking around a city that routinely shoves pictures of naked women in your hands. I assure you my husband is a very noble and chaste man, but I don't care how virtuous a man might be, Las Vegas is not the place to go alone. I'm taking my rosary and holy water and plan on dousing the place with it. Maybe it will just melt away...

So, my friends, please pray that my family and I will have an enjoyable time on this vacation next week. More importantly, please pray that we may all stay far away from anything displeasing to our Lord.  

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lost Stages

My main purpose in my day to day life is to serve God by teaching my children. It amazes me, though, how often they teach me. Peanut has always been interested in the world. From the moment he came out of the womb he has been attentive and alert, taking in everything around him. I love to watch him discover the world. Throughout his short life he has gone through many stages where he is interested in different things. First it was airplanes, then birds, then dogs, monkeys, horses, lawn mowing, and bugs. When I say "interested" what I really mean is obsessed. When he was interested in birds, he would literally spend all day looking out the window, watching and waiting for the birds to come and go. I spent many hours with him, explaining what the birds were doing, who made the birds and so forth. The funny thing is, I never got bored watching the birds or looking at pictures of monkeys or even showing him the lawn mower man for the thousandth time. I found and continue to find joy in discovering the world with my son.

I'm always sad when a stage passes. Now Peanut passes by birds without a second look. They have become something normal and routine that no longer catches his tiny eye. Yet, they are the same birds he once spent hours marveling at. So Peanut has me thinking, have I become this way with God? How many times a day do I pass Him in His glory, in His creation, without a second look? When I was discovering my faith I spent hours marveling at Him, seeking Him and waiting for His reply. Now, as a mother, I must learn to rediscover Him in the everyday things and remember to seek Him out when I am frustrated, tired and lonesome. This has been my greatest struggle in my faith lately. I never imagined my children would help me in my faith journey so incredibly much. I understand more and more each day the verse "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."  I hope to become more like my son, to find amazement in the seemingly small things in life. And I hope that Christ never becomes a lost stage, or a passing interest for myself or my children. 

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

You Know Your Kid Is Catholic When

I recently bought Peanut a toilet training potty. Not necessarily because he is ready to be trained, but just to get him used to the idea of sitting on the potty. Brilliant me decided to actually put him on the potty and see if he would go (secretly wishing I had some prodigy child who would magically train himself after one use). After about 5 minutes of waiting for him to go, I decided to let some warm water flow on his legs to stimulate him to go. I took a cup of water and let it flow on his thigh into the training potty and waited. Peanut, with a curious look on his face, looks at the water, then at me, then at the water again. I could tell his brain was working. He then reached between his tiny legs into the water and brought his hand up to make a very reverent Sign of the Cross. I guess you know your kid is Catholic when he thinks his training potty is a holy water font. Maybe he is further away from understanding the whole potty training concept than I thought.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Having a Bad Day?

"If God sends you many sufferings, it is a sign that He has great plans for you and certainly wants to make you a saint. If you desire to become a great saint, ask Him to send you much suffering. To enkindles the fire of divine love, the best wood is that of the cross, which Our Lord used for His great sacrifice of love."

-St. Ignatius Loyola