Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mary's Prayer

A priest gave this writing by Max Lucado as his homily a few Christmas's ago, and it touched me very deeply. I hope it touches you in some way too. Have a blessed and Merry Christmas, and may the baby Jesus find a place to rest his tiny head in the stillness of your heart this Christmas day.

God. O infant-God. Heaven’s fairest child. Conceived by the union of divine grace with our disgrace. Sleep well.

Sleep well. Bask in the coolness of this night bright with diamonds. Sleep well, for the heat of anger simmers nearby. Enjoy the silence of the crib, for the noise of confusion rumbles in your future. Savor the sweet safety of my arms, for a day is soon coming when I cannot protect you.

Rest well, tiny hands. For though you belong to a king, you will touch no satin, own no gold. You will grasp no pen, guide no brush. No, your tiny hands are reserved for works more precious:

to touch a leper’s open wound,

to wipe a widow’s weary tear,

to claw the ground of Gethsemane.
Your hands, so tiny, so white - clutched tonight in an infant’s fist. They aren’t destined to hold a scepter nor wave from a palace balcony. They are reserved instead for a Roman spike that will staple them to a Roman cross.

Sleep deeply, tiny eyes. Sleep while you can. For soon the blurriness will clear and you will see the mess we have made of your world.
You will see our nakedness, for we cannot hide.

You will see our selfishness, for we cannot give.

You will see our pain, for we cannot heal.

O eyes that will see hell’s darkest pit and witness her ugly prince … sleep, please sleep; sleep while you can.

Lie still, tiny mouth. Like still, mouth from which eternity will speak.

Tiny tongue that will soon summon the dead, that will define grace, that will silence our foolishness.

Rosebud lips - upon which rid a starborn kiss of forgiveness to those who believe you, and of death to those who deny you - lie still.

And tiny feet cupped in the palm of my hand, rest. For many difficult steps lie ahead for you.

Do you taste the dust of the trails you will travel?

Do you feel the cold seawater upon which you will walk?

Do you wrench at the invasion of the nail you will bear?

Do you fear the steep descent down the spiral staircase into Satan’s domain?

Rest, tiny feet. Rest, so that tomorrow you might walk with power. Rest. For millions will follow in your steps.

And little heart … holy heart … pumping the blood of life through the universe: How many times will we break you?

You’ll be torn by the thorns of our accusations.

You’ll be ravaged by the cancer of our sin.

You’ll be crushed under the weight of your own sorrow.

Any you’ll be pierced by the spear of our rejection.

Yet in that piercing, in that ultimate ripping of muscle and membrane, in that final rush of blood and water, you will find rest. Your hands will be freed, your eyes will see justice, your lips will smile, and your feet will carry you home.

And there you’ll rest again this time in the embrace of your Father.

Friday, December 24, 2010

A Peacful Christmas Eve

"In this night of reconciliation, let none be angry or gloomy. In this night that stills everything, let nothing threaten or disturb. This night belongs to the sweet One; let nothing bitter or harsh be in it. In this night that belongs to the meek One, let there be nothing high or haughty. In this day of pardoning, let us not exact punishments for trespasses."

-St. Ephraem the Syrian

Monday, December 20, 2010

Extreme Teething

What, you haven't heard of it? Apparently it's the latest baby craze. What these babies are doing is one day they just completely stop eating and cause their mother to become painfully engorged. Then they worry their parents to death by not eating for another four days except for a few sips from a syringe here and there. They worry their parents so much that they decide to take them to the emergency room because their doctor told them that the baby is probably dehydrated. When the baby gets to the emergency room the doctor will explain to their parents that the reason for the eating strike is teething. That's right, the silly parents went to the emergency room for teething. The parents try to explain to the doctors that, really, they don't care about the teething, they just want to make sure the baby is hydrated, but to no avail. The doctors keep trying to solve the teething problem, and then finally administer IV fluids as if to make the parents feel like there was a REAL reason for coming to the emergency room.

My daughter doesn't do anything half-a**. Not even teething. I kind of love that about her, as stupid as it makes me look sometimes. Who goes to the ER for teething...

Friday, December 10, 2010

Things I'm Thankful For This Holiday Season

1. Parents on both sides of our family who are willing to fly in at the drop of a hat anytime we need them. The military is lonely at times, especially when you need help and have no family around. I'm so thankful our family has always been here in our times of need. I'm particularly thankful that my mother-in-law flew in to help over this time of sickness in our lives.

2. Watching my Peanut use such good manners and be so loving. He says "Tu-Tu Me" (excuse me) every time he  burps, sneezes or needs to get by someone. He also hands his sister toys and says, "yeargo Baa" (Here you go Belle).

3. The end of my husbands school semester. The fact that he only has one left.

4. The means to travel to see family over the holiday season.

5. My Catholic faith during the season of Advent. I marvel in the richness of this season and the readings at mass. I would feel so empty if this season was nothing more than buying gifts and sending cards.

6. My sisters, who I am missing very much during these holidays.

7. My husband who works so hard for this family and my children who are healthy and growing every day.

8. Watching Peanut learn the story of Christmas and become obsessed with Mary, St. Joseph and particularly the baby Jesus. He always wants to hold him and kiss him, even if it's just in his story books.

What are you thankful for this advent season?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Defferent Kind of Advent

At the begining of this Advent season I was so determined not to let another Church season pass by without using it to grow closer to Christ and thrive in the richness of the season with joyful expectation of the Baby Jesus' arrival. I had pious resolutions to put our television in a closet and replace it with a statue I own of a pregnant Virgin Mary (I still plan to do this in a week or so). I gave up facebook (which I could write a post about all in it's own) and I resolved to read from a devotional every morning. But Christ had something so much more special for me to start this Advent season, and it has helped me grow closer to Him much better than any of my personal resolutions would have done.

As I stated in my last post, my family has been very sick. Peanut started out with a high fever, crying all the time, miserable with a horrible ear infection. I was to follow with a lost voice and sore throat. When we returned home from Thanksgiving my husband became very sick with terrible fever, cold, body aches, puking and pink eye that was so bad he couldn't even open his eye. My little Belle followed with fever and pink eye. Needless to say, we were all sick. But as you moms out there know, moms can't get sick. There is no time for personal rest when your family is sick. Only self sacrifice, which is the fastest way to the heart of Christ.

For this Advent season I have had the blessing of being able to serve my family in their illness. I have been engulfed for the past two weeks in nothing but their care. All of my personal obligations for play dates and book clubs have ceased, and I have locked myself in the home to tend to their needs. What better than suffering and servitude to make a heart long for a peace that only the Christ Child can bring? Somehow in the smallness of my very own home I have come, through this illness, to experience a longing of heart for better health and a hope for a new day. A longing that surely the Jewish people felt as they anxiously awaited their savior in their hundreds of years of "advent".

Christ had much bigger plans for me this advent season than I could have ever planned for myself, and I am so thankful for that. May your advent bring you a longing for hope and a peace of heart that only the Christ Child can bring.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sick Sick Sick

I am sorry for my lack of posts lately, but my entire little family got sick over Thanksgiving and we are still recovering. Thanksgiving was filled with no voice for me, a sick two year old with a 104 fever and a double ear infection that got so bad it caused his ear to bleed, a husband with fever and body aches and was topped off with a case of HORRIBLE pink eye for my husband and my little Belle. Don't get me wrong, the company and food was great, but we are still sick around here. Please keep us in your prayers and I will be writing again as soon as I'm done being nurse mommy and nurse wife. St. Lucy, pray for us.