Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lost Stages

My main purpose in my day to day life is to serve God by teaching my children. It amazes me, though, how often they teach me. Peanut has always been interested in the world. From the moment he came out of the womb he has been attentive and alert, taking in everything around him. I love to watch him discover the world. Throughout his short life he has gone through many stages where he is interested in different things. First it was airplanes, then birds, then dogs, monkeys, horses, lawn mowing, and bugs. When I say "interested" what I really mean is obsessed. When he was interested in birds, he would literally spend all day looking out the window, watching and waiting for the birds to come and go. I spent many hours with him, explaining what the birds were doing, who made the birds and so forth. The funny thing is, I never got bored watching the birds or looking at pictures of monkeys or even showing him the lawn mower man for the thousandth time. I found and continue to find joy in discovering the world with my son.

I'm always sad when a stage passes. Now Peanut passes by birds without a second look. They have become something normal and routine that no longer catches his tiny eye. Yet, they are the same birds he once spent hours marveling at. So Peanut has me thinking, have I become this way with God? How many times a day do I pass Him in His glory, in His creation, without a second look? When I was discovering my faith I spent hours marveling at Him, seeking Him and waiting for His reply. Now, as a mother, I must learn to rediscover Him in the everyday things and remember to seek Him out when I am frustrated, tired and lonesome. This has been my greatest struggle in my faith lately. I never imagined my children would help me in my faith journey so incredibly much. I understand more and more each day the verse "I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven."  I hope to become more like my son, to find amazement in the seemingly small things in life. And I hope that Christ never becomes a lost stage, or a passing interest for myself or my children. 


  1. I like this post a lot; it made me really reflect on my own life.

    Not really related to being continuously renewed in our love and fascination with God, but I just finished a pretty good book that talks a lot about what you're talking about with Peanut. The author (GK Chesterton) says that you have to tell a 6 year old about someone passing through a magic door to keep him interested, but that you can just tell a 2 year old about someone passing through a normal door and he'll be amazed...that hearing about the magic door is only interesting in that it reminds us of the time we learned that doors always go to the same place.

    I don't know...it's not deep, but I really loved that thought.

  2. Sorry, I had an afterthought. Knowing your husband especially, I doubt very seriously Peanut will ever go through a time where he's not childishly obsessed with something or another. That sounds mean, but I mean it as the highest compliment possible to Max. If you think that sounds mean you should delete this comment before he sees it. :-P

  3. Child-like wonder is a nicer way to put it.

  4. Your comments made my day! I love you! And that is an awesome thought by Chesterton.