Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Bad Blogger...and An Update on Miss Belle

So, first of all, sorry for being a bad blogger these last few months. I know I don't update my blog nearly enough, but sometimes there just isn't much time or content to write about. And I don't want to bore you with my day to day activities, because trust me, they would bore you (not saying they bore me, but they would bore you).  If you are still reading this scarcely updated blog, thanks for sticking around for the ride. I really do appreciate it!

Miss Belle fell in the bathroom last week and cracked one of her teeth in half. Of course it was her upper front tooth. You know, the one that shows every time she smiles? The one she uses every time she bites into food? Yeah, that one. Why that one!??! My husband and I aren't sure this girl will make it till she is five. Seriously, she has no fear, and at eighteen months has already broken her leg and is about to have major dental surgery. I rushed her to the dentist that day. The dentist said it's about as bad as it can be. She needs a baby root canal (another phrase I never thought I would hear), and will have to be put under general anesthesia. Yikes! Talk about scary. It seems to be our only option, besides pulling her tooth which could affect her speech and ability to eat. Not to mention, I really didn't want my baby girl looking like a hillbilly with a knocked out tooth. Oh, daughter of mine, please stop hurting yourself! You are killing your mama with worry. Her surgery is on the 17th. Please pray she does okay with the anesthesia and that she doesn't kill herself before them.


  1. You're right, you don't update this blog enough! I check it so much I even noticed when you changed Peanut's age, but sadly no update that day!

    I'm sorry about Miss Belle! We'll get St. Apollonia right on that! ;-)

  2. Prayers for you all. :P
    -The Godfather