Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Turning Three: The Things I want to Remember

Peanut turned 3 last week. I still can't believe he is three. Here are just a very FEW of the things I want to remember about this special age.

The way you tell and listen to stories. You still remember stories from when you were just a year old and you tell them as if they happened yesterday. Some of these include: the first time you saw the Easter Bunny (and screamed), the monkey at the zoo, and the bear taking a bath at the zoo.

Your laser. Yes, you actually think you have a Buzz Lightyear laser on your arm and you pull it out whenever the need arises (mostly when you are upset). You say, "I'm shooting my laser at you" then you squint, stick your tiny arm out with finger pointing and go, "wooo-woo-woooo!" (obviously the noise any good laser would make).

Your slight obsession with Buzz and Woody. I always promised myself I would never be one of those parents who lets their children become obsessed with a movie character, but watching your imagination go and how much you love to play with these characters brings joy to all of us.

Your love for reading. You can sit down for very extended amounts of time and listen to stories that are far beyond your age level or reading comprehension. Often times, you pick up a book and read it to yourself, making up the story the best you can remember it.

How you like to call me Mommy Monkey and like me to call you Baby Monkey. This game never seems to get old to you and I love it. Sometimes you even go around on all fours making monkey noises. When you do something that upsets me, sometimes you will tell me, "No baby monkey did that!" Smart boy.

How nice you are to your sister. Always trying to help her, play with her and make her feel better when she cries (and yes, these occasions far outweigh the times you knock her on her rear).

Your curly brown hair that your daddy likes to comb down, but I like all a mess. I hope you never loose them, but I'm sure that's wishful thinking.

You playing priest and reciting the entire consecration. You walking around with "Big Jesus" (a large crucifix) and singing "Awww-aaaaa-eeee-wuuuuuu" (Alleluia) just like at mass.

All the funny ways you pronounce things that are very very quickly becoming extinct: bilabot (buffalo and helicopter), banacanacas (binoculars), me-na-meet (oatmeal), poon (spoon), some-ping (something).

Your cute expressions that you use like an adult: "Probably we need to...(fill in the blank)", "OH! I have a good idea (enter idea here), you like that mama?", "It's ok Belle, I here I here" (when Miss Belle is crying).

The way you like to compromise with us. You hardly ever whine to get things, but instead offer an alternate solution. Example: the other day I told you we couldn't ride anymore rides at the shopping center because we were out of quarters. You responded with, "Mama, probably we just need to get in the car, go home, get more quarters then drive back to the shopping center." You always have the best ideas...

We love you Peanut. Every day is filled with so much joy, smiles and laughter that you bring to this family. I'm so proud of the boy you are and the man I know you will become. I look forward to seeing you grow and helping and teaching you through this journey of life. I love you, my son.

Mommy Monkey

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  1. Ah! That made me laugh and cry! I love you Andrea! I am so sad for everything I miss with James and Annabelle, and so glad that I'll get to see more of them soon!

    Suggestion: Start talking in baby talk so he doesn't learn how to say things correctly. He won't remember if you only do it for a few months, and I'll get to hear those adorable expressions for myself! It's a WIN WIN situation!