Friday, October 21, 2011

The Man I DON'T Want My Daughter To Marry

My birthday was this week. I asked for an ipod to listen to Catholic Answers on while I do my housework (kids napping of course). Since we are a little lot short on cash these days, my husband ventured to Craigslist to find a gently used one. He found one for a decent deal and met the seller to pick it up. He was a fourteen year old high school student who apologized to my husband that he hadn't deleted his music from the ipod before selling it. When my husband came home, gave it to me and explained his music was still on there, curiosity got the best of me. Of course, I started scrolling through the music this kid listened to. I didn't actually listen to the music, just read the titles. That was enough for me. Some are too dirty to even post on this blog, but among some of the worst were:

Miss Me, Kiss Me, Lick Me
Go Hard in the Paint
How Do You Want It?
Homegirl Dirty
Teach Me How To Jerk
Ink My Whole Body
Ice Cream Paint Job

He was FOURTEEN, people! Excuse me while I puke. How can we expect men to treat women well if they are constantly filling their heads with this crap (oh gosh, I sound like my mother!)? Are we really surprised when women are beaten, raped and sometimes killed when they are treated like nothing more than sexual objects? Why aren't parents paying attention to the music their kids listen to? 

My husband and I often talk about what we will say and do the first time our daughter brings a boy home. All of the scenarios we have come up with went flying out the window tonight. Now I KNOW what my first question will be..."Excuse me, if you want to date my daughter, I'm going to need to see your ipod first". 

For now, I think I will just dunk the thing in holy water and pray it doesn't break in the process...


  1. Hahahaha! Sorry for laughing, it really is sick. If people associated having sex with wives and babies, this wouldn't be so widespread a problem. Stupid contraceptive culture!

    PS- Thanks for finally posting. ;-)

  2. but the thing is ... it is so common place... many of us just 'listen' but dont really worry about the words. I know so many that say, "When my kids are 'older' I wont have them listen..."

    We have to be strong. We have to commit now. We have to be willing to turn away from culture and say... forget it... we want God not you. This world is not for us...

    It is hard. I know. I am such a person of the culture and the world... but we have to fight it. We can't be naive and pretend like it is easy to shrug off the world... because it isnt. We have to demand better of ourselves before we demand better of others.

  3. I just discovered your blog and wanted to say hello. And...I cannot tell you how strongly I agree with the sentiments of this post. The truly sad thing is that this boy isn't being appropriately guided and taught about the value of women. These kids don't stand a chance in this culture without someone counteracting those messages. Love your blog!