Thursday, September 2, 2010

Picking Dad

As promised, here is the "more on that later" that I promised in my last post. After my mom and I drew names for the fast for everyone, my mom made a comment that it would be neat if we picked names of people that were particularly hard for us to fast for. I told her my dad would be hard for me to fast for. It's not that I like my dad any less than anyone else I could have picked, it's just that, in my eyes, my dad is still my hero. I'm still 9 years old and think he can do no wrong. I can't see what he needs. 

I'll admit it, I'm selfish. A big part of me wanted to see to benefit of my fasting. My sisters and I share a lot with each other. They know my struggles and I know theirs. Same with my mom, and of course I'm married to my husband so he would have been a good pick too. With everyone I could have picked, except my dad, I could literally name a struggle they had, and offer my fast for that struggle. I could be specific. Men in general don't like to admit their shortcomings, especially to their own daughters. I think picking my dad was God's way of forcing me to give it all to Him, and not make it about me.

It's day two of the fast. I'm having sugar withdraws. Literally. It's much worse than I thought. Headaches, cravings, the whole shabang. I never realized how much I give in to every little craving until now. So dad, here's to you; for whatever special graces you may be needing in your life right now. Even though I can't see it, I know these sacrifices are not for nothing.


  1. This is wonderful! Maybe it will be a catalyst for your Dad to share a little more of himself with you? :) I think that as a parent it is very humbling to think about my children praying for me.
    So does Splenda count? :)

  2. I'm seriously about to punch a small child.

  3. Then don't visit are hilarious Laura. We love you!!! Andrea, be assured of my prayers and sacrifices for you. We had a difficult week with behavior issues. The Holy Spirit has shown me some things. My scripture meditation for the past couple of days has been Proverbs 15:1. I love you Andrea. JMJ