Monday, May 10, 2010

Not that I care but...

When I started this blog I promised myself I wouldn't care about any awards, or the popularity of the blog. I was just going to write to write. But I must admit that I was just a tad big happy when my friend informed me that I was nominated for a catholic blog award under the category "Best New Kid On the Block." Apparently people campaign on their blogs for people's votes and I had no idea I had even been nominated, so I had zero votes until today...pathetic. But I'm still happy to have been nominated. If you are interested in voting, just to flatter me, you can do it once a day here. There is already a sure winner in my category, but hey, a few votes never hurt anyone. And by the way, you should vote for my friend (blog name 'Shoved to Them')  mentioned above under the category "Best Under Appreciated" while you are at it!


  1. I had already seen that! How is it that I knew before you? Sorry I didn't vote, I didn't know I could!

  2. Oh, and you should vote for "Standing on my head" in the religious category, I really like that blog!

  3. You are so much cooler than I. You're all "yeah, cool, whatever," and I bribe people with donuts. :)