Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Sweet Baby Cow...I Mean Daughter

Naming a child is a very difficult thing to do. First you have to agree with your husband (which in itself can take months of arguing). Then, at least in our family, you have to make sure there is some saint out there in which the child will be named after. And to top things off, you have to make sure your child won't be teased for the rest of their life because of a name you gave them. It's a big task, and one I really don't enjoy all that much.

I'm a firm believer that, if you let Him, God picks the name of the child and you just have to be open to His will. I think if you pray about it, and seek options, a child's name will just kind of come to you. This has been true in both my pregnancies. My son has a very common, classic name which I never have to worry about anyone mispronouncing or misspelling. My daughter...well that's a different story. I think she has a cow's name. Yes, that's right, a cow. It's no insult to her, it's a beautiful name; the name just tends to be used a lot for female cows. This was confirmed today as I was reading various blogs and came to a farmer lady's blog who was speaking so highly of her cow that shared my sweet daughter's name. The name also tends to have about a billion nicknames you can make out of it, all of which are cute, but could also be used in a teasing manner.

I'm not sure why God chose this name for my daughter, but I know it is hers and I'm not going to change it. I love it. Even if she will share it with a bunch of cows. My husband's name happens to be the number 1 dog name in America. Now I have a dog's name, a classic name, me of course, and a cow's name. Sounds like a happy family right?


  1. A classic name? You won't let anyone call him all of the obvious nicknames, some of which are funny, and none of which I will say here because I want to be in your good graces when you see me in a few days (eek!) At least you didn't name her Bessie, that would have been like a cow. Love you Andie!


  2. Your sister's comment is funny. But it's not a cow's name anyway. I bet there are dogs and cows and gerbils named Katie, yet most people never think that. Besides, unless you move to Southern MN or Wisconsin, how many cow owners do you plan on meeting? I think your daughter has a classy, beautiful name.

  3. I love her name, and don't think it sounds anything like a cow.

  4. Okay, so I know our mother is in town and all, but I'm still checking this blog like 10 times a day and I would really love it if you would post again. K? K! Kbye! :-)

  5. I agree that God picks their names, and I think her name is beautiful & I also believe that if the name can be used for teasing the child will have the ability to stand up for themselves and to the bullys. And God gave her a big brother to help her with that and a very loving family. She is a very lucky girl, even if she shares her name with a cow or two. hugs.