Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Youngest Turns 2

So much changes from year 1 to 2. Over the course of a year you have transformed from a little baby, to a vibrant and strong willed toddler. So much about you reminds me of #2 when she was your age, although you are definitely uniquely your own person. These days you still stay close to Mama. In that way you are still little. You constantly want to sit on my lap, stand next to me and hold my hand. Although at times I act like I want you to go play on your own, I know these times will not last forever and I try to cherish them.

You are talking more and more every day. We are at a stage where I understand most of what you say, but to the outside world it is gibberish. It's like our own secret language. You enjoy playing with your brother and sisters and never let them run you over. You are quick to stand up for yourself and shout if things don't go your way. You do not have a docile spirit, but you are as sweet as they come. You love your daddy almost as much as you love me. When he comes home from work, you shout
for joy and run to hug him. He still considers you a tiny baby and holds you whenever he has the chance. Neither of us are ready for you to grow up.

You are often in the spotlight of our family with your cute dances and silliness. You can make us all laugh, and the more we laugh, the more you act silly. Your siblings enjoy getting you to do things that they find funny for their own entertainment. You love to sing and will often pick up my prayer books and sing to yourself for a good amount of time. Anytime music comes on anywhere you automatically start shaking your hips and dancing around. It's the cutest thing!

You have a naturally sympathetic spirit. If you ever see me cry, you run up to me, say you are sorry and give me a hug. Even though you are strong willed, you are also very sensitive. It's like a combination of #2 and #3. When you do something wrong, all it takes is a strong "No" and you are broken into tears. Your feelings can get hurt very easily by mommy and daddy. You love to take care of baby dolls more than anything and can almost always be seen with one in your arms. They are always getting milk or being strolled and you love them as if they were real.

I have enjoyed beyond belief watching you grow this year. It has been amazing to see your bold and sweet personality come to life. Thank you for always loving me and for all the hugs, kisses and snuggles. You are a great light to this family and I can't wait to see you mature into the young lady God created you to be. I love you my sweet Sarah!


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  1. Happy birthday Sarah! I am sad, sad, sad I have missed this year in her life. I love her!