Thursday, February 11, 2016

Little Jules Turns 3

Dear Jules,
This week you turned three years old! I can't believe how fast the time has gone and how you steal the hearts of everyone around you. You may be the most naturally sweet child there is. These days you love to do anything your bigger siblings are doing. You follow them around everywhere and get extremely hurt if they won't let you play. You are not quick to join in with big crowds but love to play one on one with other kids. You have the best manners and I don't even remember teaching you them. You are constantly saying "Sank you mommy!" even when I do the simplest things for you. If you have done something wrong, a harsh no can break you in to tears. Whenever you get in trouble you run in to my arms, hug me and say "fourry mommy!" It's the cutest thing! Your heart is so sensitive and I hope it always stays that way.

Playing doctor. Of course, they made you the patient. 

Which you were totally fine with.

For your 3 year old birthday, Grandma came to visit and you were so sad to see her leave. You sent your paci with her to give to your baby cousin. We had talked a lot about how big you were and that it was time to give up your paci, but when it came to it, you did it all on your own. The other day you told me you were going to marry the baby Jesus when you grow up and help "mama Mary". It made my heart happy. You love to play "mommy" with Belle, which basically just means she gets to boss you around. Both of you love this game. I wish I could put in writing the way you say your name, but writing it down wouldn't due it's cuteness justice.

You bring so much joy and peace to this family. Your calm presence is just what we needed and God knew it. You remind me daily to slow down and enjoy the little things, and I am forever grateful for it. Almost daily, you crawl up on my lap and say, "I wike you mommy!" and give me a huge kiss and hug and then run off. Your love and sweetness is beyond sincere. I wish I could keep you little, but I know you have to grow up. My prayer for you is that you remain as sweet, innocent and sincere as you are now, and that you continue to love without reserve. I love you my little Jules and am beyond honored to be your mommy.

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