Monday, December 20, 2010

Extreme Teething

What, you haven't heard of it? Apparently it's the latest baby craze. What these babies are doing is one day they just completely stop eating and cause their mother to become painfully engorged. Then they worry their parents to death by not eating for another four days except for a few sips from a syringe here and there. They worry their parents so much that they decide to take them to the emergency room because their doctor told them that the baby is probably dehydrated. When the baby gets to the emergency room the doctor will explain to their parents that the reason for the eating strike is teething. That's right, the silly parents went to the emergency room for teething. The parents try to explain to the doctors that, really, they don't care about the teething, they just want to make sure the baby is hydrated, but to no avail. The doctors keep trying to solve the teething problem, and then finally administer IV fluids as if to make the parents feel like there was a REAL reason for coming to the emergency room.

My daughter doesn't do anything half-a**. Not even teething. I kind of love that about her, as stupid as it makes me look sometimes. Who goes to the ER for teething...


  1. Oh my, this made me laugh. :) I'm sure it wasn't funny at all, but you tell it so well! Is motrin helping?

  2. It's let up a little, but at it's worst motrin wasn't helping.

  3. This made me laugh so hard! I love that lil lady!

  4. o no! I'd pump if I were you and then give it to her later (when she'll take it).
    Some things that helped my kids were,
    wetting a corner of a washcloth & putting it in the freezer.
    humphries (had to get from pharmacy counter)
    orajel, though they hated the stuff
    maybe a popsicle would help? then she'd get the cold and the liquid.
    Bless your heart & hers, hope things are better soon & you have a blessed Christmas.

  5. I haven't even met her yet and i know that I'm goin' to/do love the lil girl with all my heart! She seems like the most precious lil girl, I can already tell she's gonna be on over achiever!!

    -Marie Lubitz