Thursday, October 14, 2010

Housewives and Homemakers

When we first moved to Oklahoma, I was already pregnant and knew I would stay home with our children. Because of this I decided there was no point in finding a job that I would need to quit in a few short months. I would instead stay at home. Most days I would sleep in to my liking, clean up a little around the house and then find somewhere I could go or something I could do. I blamed my need for escape on cabin fever and could not stand spending a whole day in my house.

Now, even with two small children, I tend to do this. Granted, I cannot sleep in anymore, but my days are planned around where I can go that day or what errand I can run to get out of the house. I am constantly stressed about the mess of my house and feel I can never have company over without many hours notice (to clean before they come). The laundry is constantly piled and the toys are never picked up. Every time I walk in the door I feel a mound of stress creep up in my body dreading the massive amount of housework that I should be doing.

For nearly three years I have been a housewife, but I have not by any stretch of the imagination been a homemaker. Now, when I say homemaker, I am not talking about the "home" that you take everywhere with you. Not the "home is where the heart is" home, but the house part of the home. It is time for me to start embracing this part of my vocation as a mother and wife. For the first time in my married life, I am starting to embrace my home. I am enjoying becoming more organized, getting in a cleaning routine, and discovering healthy recipes to cook for my family. It is a wonderful feeling and something I feel God is really working on in my life right now. With this new found love for homemaking comes a drastic realization of what a lost art homemaking is. How many women do you know that keep a nice peaceful home while still cooking healthy meals and tending to cleaning and laundry. I know a few, but not many. I have learned, the hard way, that just because you stay home with your children, doesn't mean you have provided a home for them. I consider this to be a woman's obligation to her family, and an important part of her vocation. Taking care of your children and your home is a full time job, and maybe we have just shoved in too many "extra curricular activities" to be able to enjoy it.

So women, put on your apron, cook a nice homemade meal for your family and enjoy dinner at the table together. These are the memories your children will remember. This is the home they will love to come to. The home that you made for them.


  1. FINALLY AN UPDATE! I've been checking every day, lol.

    I love the thoughts, hopefully you can live next to me and teach me how to do that stuff! I even went so far as to download a book about home making on my kindle, but they are all so out of date! Really, it used to be a topic of study, and renowned scientists contributed to home economics! (Okay, I know of one renowned scientist, but there were probably others!)

  2. If you haven't found it already, you must check out the Down To Earth blog with Rhonda. She's an older woman who used to work outside of the home but since retirement, has gotten back into gardening, raising chickens, sewing, cooking- homemaking. She's a mentor to many of us homemakers just starting out.

  3. Great post! I am TERRIBLE at keeping the house clean. I love to cook so I have that part down, but the cleaning... oh the cleaning... I definitely need to work on this!

  4. Home making is one of the hardest jobs there is, I think. And I am talking about REAL homemaking not just hanging around the house surfing the net and blogging (oh, wait...that is exactly what I do!) Every once in a while I have to snap out of it and wake up to the fact that I have spent way too much time on my own stuff, to the detriment of my children. Home making takes skill and dedication. I am wondering if maybe I need to let go of the computer completely. I did it with TV and my life was better for it, as was the life of my kids. Maybe the computer is the next step. Hmm...