Friday, March 21, 2014


I'm not really sure when Inga came into our lives, but now it feels like she is part of our family. Inga is Miss Belle's imaginary friend, although to Miss Belle she is quite real. I don't even know where she came up with that name, but she has been around for months now.

Miss Belle plays with her almost every day. She goes to Inga's apartment. Inga is almost always about to have a baby. Miss Belle ALWAYS needs to help when that is happening. Often, Inga gets sick and can't come out to play. In fact, while Max was away, Inga actually died. Her graveyard was our garden. No matter how much I tried to convince Miss Belle that she probably wasn't dead, Miss Belle wouldn't change her mind. But she continued to play around Inga. After her death, her apartment needed to be taken care of and her baby needed a new mommy. Another friend, Ponga, came to help with the whole situation, but we haven't heard from her in weeks now.

I guess Peanut started to miss Inga too, but he "found" a letter she wrote to Miss Belle. The letter stated that she was actually still alive and was coming to see us all! I can't say that I wasn't just a little bit happy that Miss Belle fell for Peanut's little trick. I actually kind of missed Inga. She is definitely a part of Miss Belle's life that I don't want to forget, which is why I'm writing this.

I bet you can't guess what Inga looks like. It kind of shocked me too, but no joke, one day Miss Belle was looking through a magazine that came in the mail and started shouting excitedly, "This is INGA!!!!" When I looked down at the picture, this is what I saw:

This girl is a little crazy...but I love her to death! 

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