Saturday, February 8, 2014


Wasn't she just born yesterday? 

This birthday has brought the emotions of that day flooding back into my mind. Her birth continues to amaze me, and I continue to process it even a year later. Jules is a sweet, calm little bundle of joy who already gives her heart and love without reserve. Her smile lights up a room and can turn a bad mood around in a flash. She loves her siblings and tries to keep up with them. She has been our earliest walker (10months) and is now practically running. She never really complains unless she REALLY needs something, and just goes about her day perfectly content. The only sadness in this day is that the one other person that was there for her birth will not celebrate her 1st birthday with us this evening. That seems very strange to me and it makes me miss my husband even more, but it is what it is. Surely, when he arrives home she will great him with that huge smile and flying wave like she always has in the past.

Jules, you are pure joy. You bring a peace and calmness to this family that is so needed and I can't imagine life without you. I don't deserve to be your mother and I only hope that I can raise you the way God intended you to be raised. My wish for you, even in your young age, is that Christ is always at the center of your heart and the reason for all you do. I love you my daughter and can't wait to watch you grow.


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