Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Turning 5!

Did I mention Peanut turned 5 this month!?!? He is such an amazing young man filled with so much energy and joy. He enjoys nearly every minute of life and is always willing to try new things. When given the option to have a big birthday party with all his friends and a bouncy house to play in, he choose this instead:

He gets some things in life at such an early age. He gets that hanging out on a inflatable kayak with his dad on the lake feeds his soul more than having ten thousand birthday presents from all his friends...

...and that sometimes roasted marshmallows are as good as a birthday cake, because really, a number five candle doesn't hold a flame to a huge campfire (no pun intended):

While he spent most of his free time doing this,

Miss Belle was found doing this. Not even the woods will keep this girl from her purse and babydoll.

And Baby Jules quietly fell into the background of it all, going with the flow as always.

And on our last day right before we left, he caught his first one of these:  

And hasn't really stopped talking about it since.

You are an incredible young boy and I am so excited to see the man you become. You are loving every moment of life these days and are always willing to go into the world and explore. You are funny, honest and think about some questions and ideas in life that some thirty year olds don't . You are always trying to be better and love Jesus more, even at your young age. You are a great big brother and an even better son. I am blessed to be your mom. We love you!


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  1. I'm so glad you actually took pictures this time. What memories! And btw, Jules looks so much like baby James. It's so funny to see them together in this post. Wasn't James just that little baby??? So happy to be part of it all. Love you, friend!