Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life As We Know It... of course completely changed forever. This post itself is brought to you by my holding sweet #3 on my lap while the other two take a VERY RARE nap. The only reason they are napping today is because we let them stay up till 10pm (that's right bad mama), so they could "camp" with their dad in the den last night.

Baby Jules is a sweet little thing. She hardly fusses and is the easiest baby so far. Jules' crazy birth fits nothing with her calm personality. So what if I have had to give up milk, eggs and wheat in my diet to keep her happy. It's all worth the no cry time we have had with her. I still contest that having your first baby is the hardest. The not knowing what to do and everything being so new almost killed me with Peanut. And while my postpartum period with Jules wasn't the easiest, I knew how to handle her cries and my tears and knew that in a couple of weeks things would start to feel like a new normal. I think we have reached our new normal and I'm in love with it.

Miss Belle turned 3 on Monday. 3! She is as strong willed and sweet as ever. She is always wanting to follow me everywhere and "help" with whatever I'm doing. She loves the new baby and called her "my baby" for quite some times. She does have a lot of difficulty with spacial skills and is always wanting to be in Jules' face. There is no ill intent in it though.  Anything she does, whether it's helping in the kitchen, playing with her brother, kissing the baby or just plain loving you, she does it with every ounce of her being. I love this about her. She cannot be forced into anything and likes to discover the world mostly on her own. She loves her brother and will do almost anything he asked. They would get along a whole lot better if they both didn't want to be the boss all the time. I am so excited to see who Miss Belle will become because I am already so excited about who she is today. She is a great light in this world of darkness and I feel that if Max and I do our jobs right, her strong and sweet personality could bring many people to Christ. That is my dream for her; that all her will and strength and being be directed towards God. Miss Belle didn't need an exciting crazy breech birth because she will have an exciting crazy life that I love to watch unfold. Happy Birthday sweet daughter! You are my light and my joy. We love you!