Thursday, March 1, 2012


After 10 months of work and some very long nights, I am officially a certified doula through DONA International!!! YAY!!! Happy happy day! Thank you to all the mommies who gave me the privilege of attending their births! The most thanks goes to my husband. Without his UNFAILING support, I would never have been able to do this. There have been many times he has taken off work and stayed with the children for over 24 hours while I am at a birth. He has never once complained and is always so encouraging and supportive. Thank you honey!

Andrea CD(DONA)


  1. Congrats Andrea! I am also workin gon my certification with DONA! I JUST was blessed and attended my 3rd certifying birth thursday. I have been a "doula" to so many friends births over the years. You are blessed to have your dh to help. I am doingthis with my two (of 6)oldest helping with dh has PTSD and a he is not I need to get my paperwork in order!

  2. Congratulations, Andrea! You've worked hard to achieve your goal. :)