Monday, November 28, 2011

Sacrifice In Advent

Did you know that people used to give up things for Advent just like they do in Lent? When I first heard this, I was a little shocked, but as I pondered it for a few days it made sense. Giving up physical pleasures and in their place seeking God should be done in Advent as well as Lent. What better time to detach from worldly things than in the season where we prepare to invite the Word made flesh into our hearts? What better way to prepare than to give something up.

This Advent I'm giving up sugar. I know it's cliche, but it really is the hardest thing for me. I'm a sugar addict, there is no doubt about it. I'm not posting this to brag or toot my horn, but because every time I have tried to detach from sweets I have failed. I figure a little online accountability couldn't hurt. A few weeks ago I confessed being gluttonous, especially with sweet things. The priest said something very profound that has really stuck with me. He told me that when we are gluttonous, particularly with sweets, it is because we are filling the place in our hearts where the sweetness of Jesus is supposed to be with sweet food. Our bodies and souls naturally seek out this sweet pleasure that can only be truly satisfied in Christ. It seems so simple, but it was very eye opening to me.

My continuous phrase this advent season will be, "Jesus you are my sweetness" whenever I crave sweets. I have also asked the Blesses Virgin to walk with me and teach me the virtue of temperance as she taught it to the child Jesus in Bethlehem. I'm praying that you all have a blessed and fruitful Advent season.

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