Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Day...So Far *Updated*

12:00am - Still not asleep. Daughter wrangling in our bed not wanting to be still and keeping me up.
1:00am - Half asleep. Yell at my daughter to stop moving and go to sleep. Husband tells me to be nice.
2:00am - Snap at my husband for not offering to take my daughter out of the room so I could sleep
2:30am - Husband in living room with daughter screaming. Can't sleep because of the screaming. Go to living room and get daughter, who is now FULLY awake. 
3:00am - Contemplate killing myself so I can go to sleep. Cry instead
3:30am - Finally fall asleep
7:30am - Wake up to "Mama!!!!!!!" and loud kicking on the wall from my son. 
8:00am - Make son breakfast.
8:15am - Son goes around screaming, "mama! where are you?!?!" and wakes daughter up.
9:30am - Try and get in the shower, only to find my son stuffed a trash bag and whole roll of toilet paper in the toilet.
9:31am - Contemplate how in the world I'm going to get that out of the toilet.
9:33am - Get stuff out of toilet with use of plastic trash bag as hand cover
9:40am - Get in shower. Remember that we are having company who I have never met for dinner. Worry about how dirty my house is.
10:30am - Get in car to go buy food for dinner tonight. Starts raining right as I'm loading kids.
10:45am - Arrive at store and realize I haven't eaten anything all morning. Hands start to shake because of low blood sugar.
11:00am - Look for the one thing I needed at the store. Call a friend to see where it is. Circle store six times trying to find it. Couldn't find it. Buy $40 of stuff I really didn't need because I'm so hungry
11:15am - Realize my kids are hungry too. Major store meltdown. Try and make my way out the door as fast as possible.
11:40am - Arrive home and cut my children strawberries. Cutting board slides off counter onto daughters head. Loud, loud crying.
11:42am - Daughter pulls herself up on broken cabinet. Cabinet comes crashing down on her. Remember to call the maintenance man.
11:50am - Kids snacking. Eat an entire bowl of chips and salsa. Realize I could have made a better meal choice.
12:30pm - Kids napping.

Very soon - Me napping. Hopefully, the second half of my day is smoother than the first.

Update:  Unfortunately the second half of my day wasn't much better than the first. Peanut took an exceptionally short nap. When I went to the living room, he woke Miss Belle up from her nap. I tried putting a short video on for him so I could clean and the DVD player broke. Miss Belle had yet one more huge fall wherein she hit her head. It was then that I just heeled over and started to laugh very very hard at my day. It was either laugh or cry...luckily this time I choose laugh. On the upside, dinner turned out well and we had an enjoyable evening with new friends and fun at the park. God is so good even in the hectic days. 


  1. Drea,

    For sure you will be a saint one day.

    Valerie & Lou

  2. Oh my. :( I have had days like that. I hope your company was enjoyable, and I hope you get better sleep tonight!

  3. The solution for this, of course, is to come and play at my house.

  4. This made made your dad and me laugh out loud! You will miss these days believe me :).

  5. Its days like that in which you just have to sit down for a minute and... and.. actually I'm not sure what your supposed to do. But I know that I would reflect on the positive part of it. That and pray that I have a better day tomorrow.

    - Marie Lubitz.