Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why I don't Exercise

Wanted to take the kids for a walk today. Just a short simple walk. Fed Peanut so he wouldn't be hungry half-way through. Put shoes on both kids. Couldn't find my shoes. Spent 30 minutes looking for shoes. Settled on a different pair. Found the pair I wanted on the way out the door. Switched shoes. Baby pooped. Changed diaper. Peanut poops. Change another diaper. Load kids in stroller. Go to get dog and realize he doesn't have a collar on. Forget where I put collar. Spend 10 minutes looking for collar. Put dog on leash and head down the driveway. Roll my ankle and go sliding down driveway on knee (in new pants, by the way). Make sure neighbor didn't see. He did. Go back up driveway so he doesn't see me start to cry. Lose all pride I ever had. Tell myself I was too far to turn around now. Walk around the block limping half the way checking on my bloody knee every five minutes. See why I don't exercise?


  1. Ugh! Sounds AWFUL! It is moments like that when I repeat "Queen of Peace, pray for us!"

  2. WOW! I wanted to cry for you reading this. I think you should make Max watch the house while you walk from now on.

  3. It was actually kind of comical...except the sprained ankle. That hurt. And Max was at school. I was attempting to be proactive. The last time I'll try that one...